I'm the founder and designer of Nor Official. I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Fashion and design has been a passion of mine since I was young. I hope to create pieces that will help you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable. The garments are designed to be easy to wear and timeless so it is versatile and allows you to express your own style.

All the pieces are ethically made by yours truly. I design, draft the patterns, personally choose every fabric used and handcraft the garments. Everything is locally made in my little studio apartment in downtown Edmonton. I also direct the photo shoots and work alongside my sister, Sophia who is a talented local photographer. 

Another passion of mine is thrift hunting. I'm inspired by decades from the past and cultures from other parts of the world. I handpick curated vintage and pre loved gems that I hope you will treasure. Most importantly, wearing vintage and handmade apparel will help you build a sustainable wardrobe.

These designs are made with TLC and I hope you feel loved through your Nor garments. 


Much love,

Sherri Cardona