I'm the founder and designer of 'nor official'. I live here in Edmonton, Alberta. It was always my dream to work in the field of fashion and design has been a passion of mine since I was young. I hope to create pieces that will help you feel beautiful, confident, and dress with ease. I want these garments to be your go-to, to just throw on and can trust to feel good and start your day on a good note. The garments are designed to be simple and timeless so you can express your own style and it will be a versatile part of your closet.

All the pieces are ethically made by yours truly. I do the design, create the patterns, personally choose every fabric used and handcraft the garments. Everything is locally made in my little studio apartment in downtown Edmonton. I also direct all the photo shoots and work alongside my sister, Sophia who is a super talented photographer. Another passion of mine is thrift hunting. I'm inspired by decades from the past and cultures from other parts of the world. I handpick curated vintage and pre loved gems that I hope you will treasure.

My philosophy is love and optimism. I believe your world can change through positive thoughts. I believe in having dreams and pursuing them through setting plans. We all have the potential for greatness. I value the attribute of charity and our relationships should be what we cherish most in life. Any act of kindness is powerful. These designs are made with TLC and I want you to feel loved through your nor garments. 

Much love,